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Hans Dieter Gesthuysen

Dr. iur. h.c. Hans Dieter Gesthuysen,
M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

Hans Dieter Gesthuysen, born in 1940, studied electrical engineering at the University of Berlin and, after receiving his masters degree (diploma) in 1967, he began the study of law at the University of Berlin.

His engineering degree and the commencement of his legal studies led Hans Dieter Gesthuysen to the field of intellectual property. He started his career in 1967 in a patent attorneys' office in Essen. At the same time he continued studying law at the Universities of Bochum and Munich. Admitted as a patent attorney in 1970, he became a partner of the patent attorneys' office where he started his career and at which he stayed for nine years. In 1980, Hans Dieter Gesthuysen founded the firm that has become the partnership of today.

Hans Dieter Gesthuysen has been dedicated to the profession on a voluntary basis since the beginning of his career as a patent attorney: From 1977 to 1984 he was a member of the Examining Commission for Patent Attorneys. From 1978 to 2013, he has been a member of the Board of the Federal Institute of German Patent Attorneys, and was the president of that organization from 1986 to 1992. It was his idea to establish a law studies program for prospective patent attorneys at the University of Hagen and he was largely responsible for the successful realization of the program. He has also been active as a lecturer in this law studies program for several years.

To acknowledge his particular merits in intellectual property, in particular during German reunification, Hans Dieter Gesthuysen was awarded the Federal Order of Merit, First Class.

The legal department of the University of Hagen awarded Hans Dieter Gesthuysen an honorary doctor in 2004 as recognition for his academic achievements and merits in the field of law.

Hans Dieter Gesthuysen left the firm at the end of April 2015.